Beware – Casting Vote for Doug Ford

We only have to look south of the border to get a sense of the havoc that can be caused by electing the wrong person for the job. The world, not just Americans are feeling the seismic assault of Trump’s non-policies. 


This is a biggie for Canadians who have been bequeathed a significant portion of the planet’s resources. Voting for a man who has promised to take a bulldozer to the green belt will be detrimental to the quality of life of all Ontarians.

The GTA is a great urban sprawl, green spaces are well deserved respite for hard working citizens of this great provincial economy. We will never get back what Ford will squander away.


Let’s face it, it isn’t perfect, but it is the one system we have. Ford has not outlined a costed plan for the province. His promise to find “efficiencies” ring hollow. There is only one way to interpret this, cuts to the healthcare system. We already see long wait times, doctors practicing one condition per visit, where are further cuts going to lead us?


Doesn’t matter which political ideology you subscribe to, our kids go to the same schools. I don’t know about you, but my child’s school is already bursting at the seams. Financial cuts to the education system are only going exacerbate the situation. 


Let’s face it, Canadians aren’t exposed to a light tax regime by any standards, but reducing taxes is only going to lead to cuts in well established programs as outlined above and other services we enjoy.

Are there efficiencies to be found? Is it possible to run the province in a better way? Yes, but Doug Ford isn’t the guy to do it. I think Wynne’s Toronto Hydro sell off was a deal breaker for me, I would never vote for her, but at the same time, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I contributed to bringing a Trumpian. 

We need to learn from mistakes that we make and from those made by others around us, and no mistake is as glaring this century as the American voters bringing in Donald Trump.

Say no to a Trump clone, say no to Doug Ford.