CoronaVirus – It’s Origin

2003 and SARS was scary, then the turn of 2019 gave us COVID-2019 as it is now officially named. It is a small mercy that it is a relic of 2019, else poor 2020 would have gotten a bad rap.

As the saga of the coronavirus unfolds, there has been so much talk about how China did not react quickly enough, then there China was lauded for strict measures taken to halt the transmission. Unprecedented moves such as quarantining entire cities.

What I have read nor heard is talk about the origins of the disease. What is with the Chinese people and their love for eating wild and exotic animals, or anything that moves for that matter.

Knowing what we know about species such as bats, snakes and other exotic wildlife, why is it ok to have markets where humans and such animals are allowed to interact? Why is it OK for people to go out and trap and bring such animals into civilization.

Can’t China’s mighty authoritarian apparatus stop this from ever happening again?